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Muffinz that meet modern demands!



Our muffinz are made with a clean, low-carb (keto friendly), & gluten free lifestyle in mind.

Clean eating is what Renegade Muffinery is all about.  Our muffins meet the modern demands of “on-the-go” customers and satisfy cravings that fast food just can’t fix.  Our muffins are low-carb, keto-friendly and naturally gluten free!We do our best to use the highest quality meats, produce, seasonings, & flour. 

Our muffinz are created in a shared-use kitchen & contain nuts.





These ain’t your Granny’s muffinz!  No disrespect to Granny tho.  We just took Granny’s recipes and “upcycled” them to suit the desires and needs of today’s conscious consumer.  We “rebelled” at the notion that muffins could only be sweet “unhealthy” mini cakes.  To prove our point we have even created (invented) new muffin categories!

1 .  Muffinz:  These are our signature low-carb, (keto friendly), gluten free muffinz made for the health conscious consumer in mind.  We use almond flour as the base in all of the muffinz created in this catagory.  Low-carb (keto) & GF

2.  Stuffed Muffinz: A whole breakfast in your hand!  Each of these muffinz has an entire egg baked inside and is loaded with flavor in every bite!  Guaranteed to satisfy your hunger for hours! Made with GF ingredients.

3.   The McP (Muffin, Cookie, Pie): Sweet treats in a bite sized cookie cup format!  We form our cookie cup in the same muffin mould that we use for our MUFFINZ and then we fill them with sweet deliciousness!  A perfect sized sweet treat to satisfy the craving!  Made with GF ingredients.  

More exciting muffin madness to come!  Stay tuned!  

My family and I are fairly active. These muffins are perfect for a quick breakfast or snack when we are on the run. My kids love them and I feel good knowing that I am able to give them something healthy to fuel them. Thank you for making such a unique food product! We are obsessed!
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B. Damon
Business professional, Wife, & Mom